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are walking around and say they are as well as ever.

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town for 34 years. If the strictest attention in his profession

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Collins George L. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur

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assistant to the late Dr. Lynn Newcastleupou Tyne on

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teeth throat weight and in making records of conditions found. In

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in storing the iron chromatic substances in the liver.

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of serum sickness tlke reactions have been reported

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reported a case of appendicitis in which the infec

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secretion. The condition is rarely serious and only requires suitable local

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Stone courtyard. He lost his balance and fell bead foremost to

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arisen they form the chief receptive apparatus for stimuli and

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Another instance will be found in the evidence of Lord

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of cases the seat of the whole trouble is in some de

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In yellowish granules freely but slowly soluble in water.

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and the old uterine adhesions helped to render the injury so far harmless.

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Here then are four separate sciences with entirely distinct

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ing cholera hepatitis coryza influenza gastric catarrh

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matory process which is non suppurative. I remember

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Daniel Short Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center

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the patient s right leg as a support for my left arm

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of rheumatic origin is a more common disease especially in children.

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columns A or V everj time a long continuing chronio

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On the other hand in an article published on January 19 Schafer

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practiced in Kentucky all my professional life and still I recognize

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For the sake of greater simplicity I follow the ordinary

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at any stage. Turpentine in the form of an emulsion may

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dren are restless cry out often and frequently lay hold of the

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understand why the various forms of circulatory failure

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rsDecially in thoji relation to diseases of man. and to those

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Although it is impossible to give any consecutive review

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The writer read with him for the diploma in eye surgery

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ped alfalfa or clover may be given. Give plenty of water with the

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and leaves a permanent mark as it were with degenerations tending to


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agents have not always been studied by very delicate tests and

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peutics of the Animal Extracts exclusive of Thyroid

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the writer s experience did not exceed 13 per cent. the fluid undergoes

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Oil of Cade is an agreeable form of Tar applied com

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first examination which he was permitted to make disclosed a

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to assist a free catharsis should be produced as urea in abnormal

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through tuberculin injections and other methods of examination

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hemorrhagic phthisis febrile phthisis senile phthi

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Iowa any such person may be certified to the state college

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ence. In recent consolidation from caseous pneumonia the percussion note

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two qualities which comtoned make it the most bffectivb antiseptic vul

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compared with each other. This ftrict analogy contributes much to

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independent of the subjective reactions of the listening ob

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the indicator practically rests on the base line of atmospheric pres

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as to prevent injury to the patient in falling. Nocturnal epilepsy

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either accidentally or for exhibitional or suicidal purposes is enormous. Nearly

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tends to the brain it is termed cer cbral otorrhoe a

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in Liberia than in the United States. Insanity is by no means common

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inferior and bright red on the superior surface. The

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microscope we may now not only recognize malaria and differentiate

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this liquid so mild and so well adapted to the eye itself has

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and liauorice root with the rest of the water boil down again to

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tures 389 treatmentof varicocele by galvanic cautery

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deleterious substances the result for instance of abnormal proteid diges

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Foreign bodies introduct on of into the sac in treat

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been observed by the author in some cases and other trophic affections

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capsule the amount taken was estimated at six grains.

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action of the differentiating medium. Coupling this with the

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and partly indirectly by means of the venous blood stream and

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among the number of unwelcome visitants upon the staff

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whether by transient disorder or pathological change and the

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paper before this Section on the Proposed International Phonetic Conference

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ovarian vessels and the round ligament are now cut. Begin

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emptying of a bronchiectatic cavity on coughing the

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fometimes otherwife deceitfully will either indangerrhe

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Itching which the child naturally rubs or scratches. Rub

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thesia was almost complete and the somewhat laborious

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was the first physician uho originated the idea and

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series over 88 per centum but this operation nearly alwa s

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amination it is not possible to confound an empyema with any other

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cases of diphtheria can be effectually treated by the adminis

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of air warmed and moistened by physiologic activity a breeze which

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not before known to exist in the Archipelago and others completely new

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the strength of faradic current used has not been perfected. When

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in the left arm and were completely absent in both legs.

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because of the originality it displayed and the research

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treatment. The eruption of impetigo has a very slight

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first to demonstrate its value in medical therapeutics.

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the former attendant. Medical practitioners must notify

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with the hope of sufficient restoration to admit of surgical relief. Three

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the certificate. The present act could itself be improved by re

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of degeneration of the peripheral sensory fibres in the

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Mr. Golding Bird having decided not to offer himself for

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of years after undergoing a given line of treatment would not have been

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other secretions but by actual obscn ations Seavmonl. It b possi

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