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or on verandahs. They can be driven by hand or electricity.

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It appears that with this remedy also the individual sensitive

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This substance can be likewise used as antiseptic. It

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Horse hair as a Drain. Mr. White of Nottingham proposed as a

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surveying areas to discover the distribution of the soil pollution.

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or state heads the Federal Government should exert sufficient

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uterine fibroids. which consist of an unrestrained repro

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were notified during the year 1920 or 16 640 more than iu

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Mercury quickly leaves the blood and enters the tissues

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Other experiments are not separately mentioned here be

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test is the necessity of employing two reagents hydrochloric acid and

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and after many difficulties succeeded in installing some plumbing fixtures such

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aj gt artments and when released by assistance fracture of the pel via

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zum beften. Die alteften Poeten erzablen dafi Baccbus der Liebc Wein

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had not been affected no wasting of hand muscles had developed

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repeated misfortunes these through suffering and confinement imply

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In the ducts the cells are much more flattened the proto

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in all Europe. What filial joy must exult in my bos

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Practical Mi lt lwifery with the Conduct of Cases of Laliour.

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opinion this factor which determines the length of life of the

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only a single egg nucleus it follows that no provision is

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The brain in cerebral cases has the capillaries full of sporulating

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of the circulation is ultimately restored by a compensating hyper

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apply only to the ocean passage in one direction. We

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perienced in ascertaining the point of saturation when the alkaline

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Dittrich s plugs and Charcot Leyden crystals. The presence of elastic

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Flexner s bacillus commonly and Shiga s bacillus rarely are

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upper end of ureter extrapelvic operation. No relapse six 1

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excluded will not only be of interest but will also

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a lethal dose which will kill the controls. More extraordinary is the fact

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The dogs killed by shooting succumbed with less struggle than those

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they were very domineering and resolute in defence of their own

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I am told that the extra premium on policies already in

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made thirty analyses of the blood taken from twelve

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ment he deplores the use of alcoholic and other anesthetic

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a scientific plan for the application of baths and definite and appropriate

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Whereas The American Medical Association did at Detroit in 1892

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irritation of the bite causes the individual to scratch so

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cachexia. The passage of foreign bodies up the Eustachian tube is an

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dirty red or even bright scarlet. Its color cannot in some instances

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have at heart the growth of our country in power and

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women must lower the prestige of any institution to which

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substantial evidences of constructive metabolism begin to be noted

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cause. The law gives the defendant the opportunity to take the plaintiff s

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caused by the different manner in which different laboratories interpret

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newed. During the year he conducted two courses on the history of

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compared and instruction is given in selecting animals for breeding feeding

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became perfectly infuriated. He was shut up and became insane.

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Icrs or companies into Animails Vegetables xoovhytL

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ment of Medicine stressed this vital point and students

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The histories of cases quoted prove that this is a reliable

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Collins describes a maiden lady of eighty always a moderate eater who

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marked friction sounds on auscultation are the initial phenomena in

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aud gynaecology aud he was house surgeon in the gjmaeco

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mortality of cases developing steatorrhoea was 33 per cent.

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succuhae and that distinguished living theologians hold that

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are better lives than those who show only signs of scattered tubercles.

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De. Hurd. I know nothing about these functional albu

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no public hospitals or poor houses nor is a beggar to be

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There are many conditions that produce sexual impo

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Anon. An article pointing out the danger of the formation of the

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similar construction and though certainly difficult to keep

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For pharyngeal abscess operation should be done as soon as the condition

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Reply. Nothing for you to worry about. You ought to feel sorry for

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fective formation of the body and are confined to stumbling and

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wrocotyle Par. 1899 6 1 fig. in Scorpsena scrofa Portoferrajo 1902 5 in

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The central connections of the auditory ganglion are of great import

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vascular or secreting part is in smaller proportion

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ganate was resorted to. As soon as the case was di

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examination of the milky deposit it is fmind to constat of young and

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hard and freely movable Downie dissected the parts and removed

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wind and griping and it forms a good base for diarrhoea mixtures.

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