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avowedly by the discovery of the spirochata pallida by Schaudinn

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results the examination of the liver is not sufficient the

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will find busy workers in science who have learned from Chandler something of

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it is to specific serumtherapy that we must look for rational treatment

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fer from unpleasant symptoms after taking this drug

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cut into three divisions one put in Zenker s formalin one in 10

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caudal direction it is therefore not remarkable that its

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probably will contract. For the anterior operation 14 to 16

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naturally. The optic neuritis still existed. On the 90th the

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Rip Van Winkle who. in the changed conditions of his new government still

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be treated by the Lorenz method the head of the bone

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Lancet Sept. 1877 p. 391 reports the histories of two

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year a percentage of 1.5 of the patients discharged a result which

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result of all this is that the General Practitioner has been driven

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This should not be surprising when it is remembered that

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communicablUty of tuberculosis and urges all possible precautions

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hundreds of children have been thus vaccinated with scarcely any failures

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noi th coast of Mindanao the latter being the Camiguin visited by the

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of hospitals were full of innocent little ones who were the vic

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The result of my experience is that in carditis and pericarditis when the

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dotes for Girls Stories About Birds Stories About Animals

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Board for the administration of maternity and child

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opinion as to its merits or otherwise as many matters still pending

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more cells of the character described form part of an acinus

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Over the tenth and eleventh ribs near the vertical centre of the

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and the spleen unite into one large vessel the portal vein

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similar to those of the chronic atrophic arthritis is not

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higher concerns than ours let any reasonable allowance be made

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surgeon must be called in and he will make a cross shaped

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manipulation lor the same reason the smaller animals should bo

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patients in lllinoi. in which scores of patients lost their

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satisfactory whose paper rich m suggestions was re

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wkh the reft of thecompofitions to publifh in print

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accompanying their union. Alcohol dissolves the caustic alkalies

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degenerative changes in the pelvic viscera the bladder walls included

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prostatectomy contrilrated to if it was not wholly re

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proper. Since therapeutic agents called nervines are

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The testicles are rather small. The prostate is somewhat enlarged

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occurs in cases of lupus which never saw an.cray tube

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water. Oesophagotomy. Apomorphine subcutaneously in dogs 370

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tinued his researches on this subject in his well ap

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offices of the Congress and of the Sections. This Committee

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Tait left interestiog summaries of conclusions from his optative

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played a carefully studied part with great success. Mr. Wyborn as

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mountain sides along the sunny banks of streams and beauti

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There is one matter upon which all are agreed that the majority of

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indefinite period have licit indulgence without infection

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que 9 subtus prominentibus reticulis minutis densis glandibus conico

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several factors. Numerous experiments prove that the epithelial lining

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defence would be maintained by an array of eminent counsel. They

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sions. Indeed when the editorial article in question

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larity of many of its symptoms. Religious enthusiasm has

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by a PCOM librarian. Please consult the Digital Library Information page

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upper third of the scapula the point of origin of the tumour. The

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with equal force to ulceration. An packed together. Such ulcers are

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mental and physical abilities but also his enormous power of accom

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Saline solution will loosen them when it is possible to apply it.

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The Lane medical library has been of the greatest value to the medical

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much less apt to become adherent to the surrounding

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Sussex as President of the Royal Society on November 30th 1832.

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the inside of the ovary in a few instances the tumor

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and there is nothing startling in this conception but others only re

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of tansy. The Duke d fipernon swooned on beholding a leveret although

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stations. Cwing to the distribution of troo s all hospitals dressing

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