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We wish briefly to record the results of our examination
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the principles of physical anthropology and the known facts of race pathology.
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Arrears of Insurance Paymcnt. Sir A. I fond on July 20th
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inflammation both spherical and rodlike bacteria. If
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it is not surprising that success should follow him.
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into towns 32. Cleanlinefs not fufHciently attended to in
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on the outside of the eyeball is interesting evidence of the
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when the disease is caused by abuse of alcoholic drinks.
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commissions much valuable time will be lost before they
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Basedow s Disease Parry s Disease Graves s Disease Exophthalmic Goitre
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cither as mucous corpuscles in the form of small round
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service in throwing light on the subject. He mentions
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morphological or cultural peculiarities. One of the 37 strains was employed
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ridiculous and false below confute arising perhaps from a
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no medicine beside the famous opiate recommended by Dr.
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fever appear to be due for the fatal issue in these
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He had established himself in a good field and was most highly
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shows cells arranged in irregular layers liaving between them a fibrinous ma
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cases in which apical sounds are extremely difficult to distinguish from
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Goldstein claims good results from the combined administrations of
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Symptoms in the Diagnosis of Disease. By Hobart Amory Hare.
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caemia of dental origin 8 pygemia of dental origin 9 menin
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alkaline and earthy salts must be borne iu mind. So too with
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Thus the mortality of our whooping cougli and measles in
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the ball. The bacilli cannot always be found. In Denigs tables out of
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same foundation and fulfilling Grisebach s unattainable dream
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mity of the neck which led them to suspect dislocation. An ambulance was
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Institute of France entitled Counsels to Surgeons which was
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and to the irreparable injury of the scholar while the poor
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stration that the organism was an acid fast streptothrix. In labora
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infinitely more satisfactory and has been continue d in its original form
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The geologist will find beautiful and delicate fossils on the Orme s Head
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portions were tmvoised by thick grayish white cords aad bands of
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of cereals about 30 per cent of their total consumption the
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glanders sometimes assumes a more benign form and that
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pel de son lils comte tie Guiclie. Les iantois tint tlemande
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produces a displacement and stretching of the vessels sometimes
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water aerated waters or boiling may be resorted to as
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tions to effect this the crude stamp for crushing and the sweeping
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scapulo humeral angle is open and the elbow depressed. The forearm
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causes are fat plethoric condition sudden chilling infectious dis
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