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and never again be permitted to disgrace the noble nature of man.

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as the multiplication table and which enables us to

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tumour and symphysis. Tumour apparently not connected with pelvis. Cceli

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from this class requiring them to present sophomore standing

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disease and convalescence and also in studies of normal throats the

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insufficient wlien challenged for the protection of consumptive invalids.

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hysteria where tetanus hrst be suspected thouL h the sulisequent course

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details intrinsic to the central laboratory itself. But because of shortage of

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can of course only bo diagnosed by curettage although

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collect together and a scab soon rises whence a glutinous matter

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metal engine drivers in oiling and cleaning their engines brassfounders and

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exists to a considerable extent in others it is thin

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he became partially hemiplegic and unable to talk and with this

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Certain nervous symptoms have also been described comprising

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quite a number of operations have been performed upon

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show many structures which closely resemble the cy

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vesicles. They have been more especially observed in Man but we

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sia too we find corroborations of the incorrectness

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ders. These symptoms continued for two or three months when she

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spices should at once be given. Usually however there is no

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first soon becomes much less until in about three to six days a

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bicarbonate solutions has often proved a positive stimulant for

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the herbage are taken into the mouth and swallowed and the pro

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they can be isolated in pure culture and the recovered animals

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their convictions of the necessity of certain procedures to

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per cent of the deaths occurred in children under one

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again distil and repeat this process three times. The nicotianin will

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affections of heart in morbid states of lungs impeding passage of

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sive drive for recruits which had been inaugurated during the pre

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pain. Later the pain lx comes constant with paroxysmal exacerbations.

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pits or first forms anastomoses with branches of the ramus

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per cent among boys of the farmer class aud 61 3 per

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which might be of service to any one who would undertake a more

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the vagina subsequent conception and delivery at term. He made the

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out. The land thus vacated is immediately placed under cultivation

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the cell sets the negative electrons free from the atom

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cidal in function auto infection its probability more

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Stack Edward H. Edwards A rvaler Cliftondown rd. Bristol

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the media of time of skill of patience and of labor.

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This is one of the affections most frequently met with in practice. I

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vance of a broncho pneumonia or the development of miliary tubercles

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The peripheral nerves may be compressed and destroyed by tumors in

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constitutes a period during which a progressive bouse should

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and without the patient s conscious attention in more

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would otherwise have subjected them in suitable conveyances to the

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watchful eye on the character of the respirations. He should

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any previous equal period of time it is of much iutercst

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ism cures itself. Medicus curat natura sanat. Naturally the

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of the native youths have been baptized. There is a

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has arrived at. I was in a hopeless minority at that time. All

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sides these reports of law suits I find minutes of sundry

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distal nerve trunks may be sutured recovery is usually rapid and complete

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