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Occasionally one meets with remarkable specimens illustrating the impor

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qualify for the university degi ee in medicine for the

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III. A letter shall be sent to the parent if patient is

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was bitten by an animal which biting other animals

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question contracted a fistula of the stomach after caries of a

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fibres should recover with greater rapidity and just in the same way be

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should be collected in the Spring in order that the fragrant

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If all the voluntary promises of papers were fulfilled

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ptosis abdominal adhesions and intussusception. The

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Virginia have the largest number of active medicinal waters while the

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Quinine or its hydrochloride may be found in the blood within

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upon several thousand cases this infection was pro

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Athetosis in its classical form occurs in diplegias and the condition

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thirteen are at all times off duty because of venereal disease. Surgeon General

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pedic surgery plastic surgery the treatment of face mouth and jaw deformities

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It could hardly ho oxpoctrMl tliat ibis pnpov in tlto

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In case of hemorrhagic infarcts the lesion usually has a dis

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risk of exhausting the patient or of injuring the larynx.

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likely to be presented early in practice rather than the

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women and older men there are also a number ot other causes

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sumption cures. Tuberculin as a cure for consumption. Treat

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powerful. He is opposed to their use in suppurating wounds.

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only after a positive exclusion of the possibility of the continued presence

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important duties which devolved upon the Pharmaceutical

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properly applied plaster jackets. But correction of

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apparent injurious consequences to the offspring. Black Flying Cloud

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operation in doubtful cases. It may be a confession of the surgeon s

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vary in severity and duration but the hearing usually remains much

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and water containing tissues than it does in bones.

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by oontiDuons elastic dilatation because the principle involved in

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but if there is cicatricial retraction with thickening the result is

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neuropathic tendencies peculiar to some families. The

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It disappears with the cure of the chorea and the rheumatic fever.

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to control foot and mouth disease by this method have often

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Sehultz Guy A. 157th Regiment Indiana Infantry Shell Ogden G.

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The most common serious event has been edema of the lungs. This has

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the Stock Diseases Act of 1888. Under this Act owners managers

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vision to call it medical inspection is somewhat of a misnomer.

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influence so unconscious and lifeless. The child was under its in

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that their applications may be acted upon at the coming

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and black hairs remaining on the occipital and temporal regions. Crocker

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necessitated by thorough division of the coarctation

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tically be inquisition and in part performing the duties of

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course of pysemia and during the puerperium ended fatally in a

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practically the whole population and doing so they will

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that tumor there was a large amount of syncytium and

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the record of the testimony given by the Surgeon General before

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