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sylvania and Missouri also those including the region from the

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pation hepatic torpor indigestion amenorrhea etc. In larger doses it

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have been culled from practically every organization in and around

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ing of the Hall of the Medical and Chirurgical Fac

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pluniquee. Each packet is to be plainly labelled and

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tain unattached liyt for the Territorial Force Captain George B.

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from studies in the most widely differing forms of the disease

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and that there is a significant drop in various coagulation proteins

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ready referred to are as damaging to the ilinL cyte

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such circumstances. Then the invasion towards the north from the

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sometimes leads to grave conditions. In these cases he some

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the period of the decline of the disease for its own attack.

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ence of serious diffuse nephritis. There is every reason to believe how

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a large proportion of all the cases of local gangrene occurring

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budgeted the receipts of the Society and in a way have planned the

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should be made by displacement. The roots and seeds contain volatile

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containing the most typical illustrations of the different classes of

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as they are a lucid statement of facts I hail them with

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lent purging. This by the way was seized upon by the

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spleen index than that found in villages possessing a more moderate

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as had already been shown contain the toxic principle of the typhoid

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accompanying syphilitic necrosis in the nose but though this is equally

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Health and. ssistant School Medical Officer. Salary 250 per

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cinnamon water must be given directly. When this has

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will give their nature and frequency. A few specially mark

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I have recently studied one of these tumors in which

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are iuformsd are opposed to lending support to the domina

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freely at Harrogate and Strathpeffer in Great Britain at Aix

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are of very great value. There are some interesting

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the spine in which there was kyphosis without tubercular or

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awakened with the same painful cry. followed by the tonic

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The Inward though ometimes it may be the beft medicine

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among the Department s customers and stakeholders to

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ish or white in dichotomous clusters calyx entire petals five distinct

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there may be no such signs or symptoms. The disease may exhaust itself

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The following gentlemen with diplomas from McGill University re

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oflScers of health and 1 900 school nurses there are

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on July 12th in answer to Mr. Alfred Davis that as the result

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necessary. Dyspnoea if associated with cyanosis is best relieved by bleed

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Liverpool has placed its horse depots including over six hundred

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life in hundreds of cases in which it is now sacrificed

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anatomy of the dysentery prevailing in Japan. Schaube for

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vent calcification of the arteries and elimirtate lime

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the Stock Diseases Act of 1888. Under this Act owners managers

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tw nty six of scarlet fever eleven of diphtheria and one of Asiatic

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and one invisible 5 insula isle of Reil. Roughly speaking the visible

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not yet been disclosed but it is believed that the ap

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there are numerous practical and important points peculiar to war conditions

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free rations were supplied through them. The American

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berculosis. Prior to this the disease was generally

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them. He describesthe affection as an oedema of the retina with numerous

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already been considered. Flushes in various parts are among the most

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patient the privileges of enlightened observation and care.

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vision of this act to which no other penalty is herein

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tions to cease and begin appropriate treatment for the

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Type collected along the coast at Lamao River Mount Mariveles Luzon by

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