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tion should be warmly clothed and avoid if possible exposure to cold

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injection of the udder was resorted to in all. The success of the

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practitioners. He assumes that those for whom it is

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Ten Gentlemen Stmlenta at that Hospital to the Museum.

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Properties and Uses. Catechu is a pure and powerful astringent and

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tester who was ill with fever and with the lung findings of pneumonia.

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effective as stronger solutions in smaller quantities.

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liance and Some of the Supposed Causes Journal of the American

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condition should be allowed to subside. If there is jaundice with stone

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out with the shortest possible delay to the seat of war.

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were procured from a distance. Arkansas and Missouri

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Sept. 22d. Patient is thin and emaciated and alarmingly weak

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clines rather to the theory of toxic or indirect influences

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eye by oculists previous to the operation for cataract in order to

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tion and severity of the fever. When present they are more marked in

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of these diseases in civil communities. Indirectly this will benefit the Army

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gland the glands superficial to the parotid enlarge and later

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these things Avere of no use to students it was time enough

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none having been admitted unless sanctioned by good

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