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consolidation of a portion of lung can have in modifying the respiratory

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found to be in no wise of modern development. One is

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effective in promoting metabolism in cases of niyxoedema than in those

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Although the conditions might be considered favourable the author

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faculties and nourishment of the part do assist the art of the

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failed to recognize when blindfolded. Milk was usually

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the disease is still latent prolonged rest and blisters later when

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sound and if it is to be allowed to continue permanently

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more closely akin to prophylaxis the general or constitutional treatment

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physicians attending the congress were Dr. Harvey W.

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The Management of Simple Glaucoma as Simple Anterior and

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be permitted to damn my soul but when it comes to a trivial

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cinereous pubescent and with numeruos long brownish red stinging hairs.

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BO that during the spasm the unfortunate victim nuiy rest upon the head

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of a calf hardened in formalin which was inserted obliquely through the

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toms other than the classical if they present a similar distribution may

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carried on satisfactorily the patient was ordinarily free

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other ductless glands must be left for the confirmation and

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man of middle age residing in Suffolk street who had been labouring for

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tracing is characterized by a sudden high upstroke in

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for covering the grafts and keeping them in intimate

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indeed his teachings had with all to whom they were

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glandular and mucous atrophy others with marked h pertrophy the

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and the heavy taxes under the circumstances it would be inexpedient

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the hernial canal quite as much as to the unruly behaviour of the

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verbally front that of Winter and Ruge is adopted. Mi the

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Prof. Stockman has estimated the bearing of diet on chlorosis.

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microscope. The demonstrative labours of Tulasne in 1847 and of

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bet on black thinking that they are playing an absolutely safe game

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I am unable to ascertain how many aliens there are on our

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of glands situate on the back of the abdomen. The glands

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the eye is apt to be involved by such process of suppura

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portions of the stomach together with some pushed over

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notice during this inquiry and have decided that the facta

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paunch movements are either absent or very feeble. On

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very inadequately known and are available for study in Porto

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signs v hicli mark tlie presence of mammary enlargements. Tlie

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favored hospitals. Your accommodation here is unsuitable and

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karyolysis. No evidence of fibrillation can be seen in the

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remedy congenital defects. Sercombe mentions a case in which destruction

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the Board of Commissioners of the Home. The expense of the mainten

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ilis that every rash they come across they first put down to diat

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Whenever any defective general health can be detected the soundest

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eration by the new Minister of Health is the present

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also promptly recognized and served to explain not only the

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the tibia this child however was ten weeks old when first

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racters it may be also stated that we meet with arsenious acid in

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brecl ing seasims. and even during the season unle

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milk and eisiporated crmm rightly Wlong to the class of concentrated fc

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