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conditions life may be maintained indefinitely and is completely pro

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for effective antisepsis. It must be present to the extent

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ilar to that which we were able to get by uniting the

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students to meet their financial needs. Upon acceptance it is strongly

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floating ribs and containing in addition other of the abdominal viscera

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and shorter duration. The cases of influenza pneumonia and deaths occurring

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the Government Hospital for the Insane for a limited

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pleasant sequelae. No special caution being required in its administration. As a soothing

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experience at least acquired characteristics are not the sub

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is often nil and that this negative pressure is essential

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ing armature reactions obtaining instantaneous values of alternating cur

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different groups follow one another. Jung has especially emphasized the


finally baptized her and she went on to New Harmony where the news

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be impossible to go through the whole history of medicine

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lir and syphilitic ulcerations as respects the appearances seen on

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Surgery of Lung and Diagnosis of Pleural Adherenccs. K.

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of PopticaBmia. The latter complication f om the febrile nT

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ventable. Shock is an important factor and is aided and abetted

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cord alteration of the peripheral nerves which may be slight and of the

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if the process involves one arm predominantly the knee

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part of the somnambulist to apply the teachings of ordi

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arsenic and four months rest in bed produce lt l no improvement.

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anaphylaxis. Theories as to their meaning at the present

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marked improvement which continues t i manifest itself in such

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Robinson says that compared to Paracelsus the magpie is shy and the

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no tendency to improve but gradually spread by periph

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plus water then serve on the platter or separate dish as above.

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ceased flowing. There is no more certain method of relieving the

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more readily hot than cold. Amber sandarac and shell lac are only

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crypts of the skin come to the surface and accumulate

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regulated and proper diet insisted upon. He should eat

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its therapeutic virtues the best results being obtained in cases of

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Malignant infiltration of the walls of a vein gives rise to endophlebitis

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JoEDANUs Hieronymus. De eo quod divinum est in morbis

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Treatment. Restricted diet muscular exercise aud an occasional

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Lombard 521 the Grand Duchies 4S3 Venetia 474 Tuscany

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bacilli in these efflorescences whereas formerly Hallopeau had

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were written with no idea of publication recounting

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about the sigmoid flexure. An abnormally relaxed mesentery predisposoB

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this point the authors results are in agreement with those of previous

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actually instituted legal proceedings. No such dis

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Treatise on Haemophilia sometimes called tl beredita

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would have brought to the subject no more technical

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An ideal culicifuge should 1 spread easily so as to enable it to

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the result of visible morbid intra nasal conditions although these may exist

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may become adherent to each other. When such adhesions occur either

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explanation is afforded. Diabetes of imply increased functional activity. In

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the spleen evidently losing very rapidly of its fluids in acute in

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centuries have assumed an analytic character or in other words

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the pericardium pericarditis and develops secondary to

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bv the above means that as there was a possibility of an impacted

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