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of Fanllinia cupana contains 4 tc 5 per cent of caffeine
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muscles and skin respectively discovered the part taken
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ice B temporarily imfit for combat service but retained for early reclassifi
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treatment by digitalis leaving behind however short
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not only richer in capillaries but it also contains arteries of
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not been observed. The disease is serious on account of its
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of other nations in which universities are the most active
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the table attendants were 34 dwarfs. Peter the Great of Russia had a
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in lieu thereof made before a Magisti ate and of Medical
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boracic acid in ten grain doses almost a specific. This
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dren. It belongs to the genus trypanosoma resembliug the
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completed hence the first section of the course must
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he succeeds by a very original extension of the method of Chasles
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For anesthesia there were employed morphine and chloroform. In

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