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The ascites which forms a symptom of cirrhosia of the liver is puticiK
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cine first as a program in radioisotopes and later be
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Of the method of amputation little need be added to the above.
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lurgeoQ to thQ Bgdfoid Infirmary and Mr. Lcacb house surgeon to
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proved by dropping the fluid into a dilute watery solution of iodine
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Well I am willing to admit that it belongs to eternal fitness
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nected with the negative zinc pole brought into con
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It is coinmonlv 1 fiat th. Tenia soliwm or pork tape wono
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hours later the urine was acid the air hunger had not improved. The
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During the management of this case two points inclined and strength
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call of efficient aid and comfortable and warm surroundings.
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worries no business letters and nothing to do but idle the
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peritoneal connective tissue in which it caused inflammation and sup
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than the left and while the rate for each ureter was differ
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ointment as an application in eczema amp c. Internally it is
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any evidence elicited which indicated that the myopathy might have
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the city should be put under Dr. Thayer s guidance. The academy also
tion. The appearance of slight oedema the eruption of petechise and some
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of our predecessors with our own certain knowledge and we look
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third case a man of 60 had sutTered from indigestion gastric dis
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having no other argument to confirm their belief than that
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tion the lumen of the trachea was sterile. The wall of the
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must be local superficial and bacterial. The light must be
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theory may be more easily imderstood of atoms capable of uniting chemically
detrola record player not spinning
the courses of study prescribed by four of the licensing bodies did not
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The so called Krukenberg tumor appears to be little known in
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and Tertiary Periostitis of Radius by Mr. Hey Groves Secondary
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fact that the author s views are admittedly heterodox on most subjects
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in the apex of the lung which seemed to be entirely
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Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1956 for his discoveries
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a severe injury while in the discharge of his official duties during
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occorring in the conrse of chronic diseases or dnring conva

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