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subject in question. He refers to the fact that for

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In 1917 the morbidity rate per 100 000 was 83.79. Not

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cause the students want it. and not because the students have

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in the ascitic effusion under the influence of the tuberculous toxin undergo

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to be written. One specialist says that for some unknown reason

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ment or such other material as is known to acquire in time

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he had a temperature of 40 pulse 160 vomiting large

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Independent of the immense curtailment of expense the advan

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the supraclavicular spaces and n.i thyroid gland could be

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healthy action in the economy of life in the whole viscera. Thus

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Causes in man alcoholism in animals chronic heart disease chronic

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Frau L. who soon after the beginning of pregnancy was subject

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l resent nothing jjcculiar and are identical with those whicli occur under

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have been reported and acute cases have been observed in which

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tendency to use any kind of.signs is very materially

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Stilling has made a careful study of the cellular elements

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ized virus has been used in the islands since 1888 and

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tion in Europe I7 6i896. Published by the British Medical As


that no more money wiU be spent upon structural altera

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other side. Doctors in private practice have better than average sense and

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mill district and all the dust and dirt that settles upon the

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of both the renal arteries by an aneurysm of the superior mesenteric

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Antiochus and was greatly concerned as to the outcome of the

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This is an infection of the intestine by Trichocephalus trichiurus

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the Mil Blationary engine ia to dig a hole in tli.

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dant yet the differences in the views expressed especially con

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healthy or so slightly changed from the normal as not to

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assistant house surgeons 8 house surgeons 2 ophthalmic

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Poels Basset Gaffky and Bemelmans have proven the filterable

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the patient may increase with the presence of the narcotic

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anterior end of the turbinated bone frequently fail to

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examination was made tbe remains of the tumour sat like a CHpW.

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A case of ascites in my ward whose peritoneal sac lias

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which have a history as old as the Avesta. The Persian term bazaar

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this factor. By withdrawing measured quantities of blood

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