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In the diseased mucous membranes the infiltrated sub

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sanitary conditions poisons etc. that system atic effort being made to fight the

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in an increased mortality. I do not here forget the

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paper read before the Society of Public Analysts in

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development by neutralising or slightly acidifying the salt solution

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that Aleppo evil Caneofcica Biskra bouton Mooltan sores

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the base towards the nipple with warm olive oil alone or combined with

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In other words treatment must be individual and it must also be

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proportion of vaginal cells and leucocytes mixed with the blood

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standpoint is not discussed in this book. Those interested in

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the gas works and in both the paroxysms increased in violence and

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of spinal fluid examinations leads us to overlook many cases of

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and to every minute cell something which we have acquired from

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Earatively large amount. In a considerable proportion of the cases there is a

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ures to diminish the death rate prolong life and reduce suffering.

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internal use of aromatic spirits of ammonia thirty to

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two to four weeks of secondary cutaneous manifestations will always

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The Faculty Veterinary School Alfort Director Vallee Third from Left Seated.

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cess of the scapula a plan which remedies tie deformity always re

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retained by Rutgers College and Scientific School the New

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graph not more than three months shall be concurrent. 3 A

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these lines to be carried on with the use of drugs.

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The fact that increased vascularization is indispensable for the

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The French unit of the British Red Cross Society landed

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antiseptics are not bactericidal to the bacillus pyocyaneus and burn

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Nothing can be more advantageous against deafness than bilious stools. Those

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absorption and heal the sick more quickly. Many varied

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transverse yolk duct uterus in form of a rosette in front

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agree to reopen the question but at all events if he would

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metre is reduced by 5 grammes of glucose forms an easy and rapid

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old lady of 87 whom I saw in consultation in a distant

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backward which had taken the place of the normal lumbarlordosis.

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fifth the sixth the seventh etc. and there may be paralysis of the

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stitch abscess is the handling of sutures and needles

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back and hips. Three days after accident both lower ex

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cardium being to a great extent destroyed by the growth.

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position held by Dr. Very was that of veterinarian to the Board

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the other in the vertical furrow of the heart. The venous blood is

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nerves of thi bod may be affected and not alone those of the

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first followed some time afterward by the placenta and mem

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of the tonsils are to secrete a lubricating fluid for

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Soelder have studied in detail the peculiarities of distri

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Solution of the Iodide of Arsenic will be found a valuable remedy.

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cases have afforded has served to confirm former concfusioos re

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strongly urges the total abolition of the private slaghter house

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or Jefferson. Because of the brief observation of these cases many interest

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attended by the nurse. The mortality had increased from 1 in 10 in

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Constitutional Principles Gelatine Baths in Eruptions of the Skin Various Methods

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common and ordinarily of small compass. Hemorrhages from

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tures and surgical diseases of the eyes. He relates cases

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Kronig s technic in the first 8 cases and the results were satisfactory.

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plications. It is especially since Councilman s paper on Gonorrhoeal

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Taranget for eight months and Bartholinus for four years.

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of the respective libraries. The 1739 Catalogue of Arabic and

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ering the glomeruli. 2. Hyaline degeneration of the

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more seriously by the people of the islands as elsewhere for

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persisting for a day or two the stools become more frequent and contain

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Briefe in some sort a memorial of hie life long friendship with

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Padua. In returning he was shipwrecked and he died on

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have overlooked the fact that it is generally accom

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Aetinomyeosis. A primary actinomycotic infection of the pharynx

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probably passed to Africa from thence to America from the Southern

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