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ventricles and most of the frontal and parietal lobes. Weights heart.

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Pinkham First Lieutenant Edward W assistant surgeon grant lt l

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variable amount of hvperthermia 102 to 107 there are the

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required ten gmina of calomel in half a tea poonful of

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account of the establishment of the first Lutheran church in

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dosage caused griping and pain and four liquid motions. The dosage

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of the peculiar ihcnoniena of pnciumonia or bronchitis yet it most com

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gaining access into the bronchial tubes. The last seems to be the most

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number of deaths was found to be greater among the Sepoys

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gravity is the circumstance that not only do they injure the health of

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tained in cases of epilepsy epileptiform neuralgia and chorea.

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carotid on both sides for elephantiasis in 1867. Camochan was also the first

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Thomas Ada L deceased 333 Miner Street West Chester Pa.

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current of blood under greater stress than would be possible through

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assumed by some notably by MacKenzie that the increased blood

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renal change but in the amyloid cirrhotic kidney the heart often pre

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at Alexander Man. and Dr. Lawther formerly resident physician in St

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toms other than the classical if they present a similar distribution may

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characteristic symptoms of appendicitis are present and

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men in racing circles writes There would seem to be gentle

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pancreatin is somewhat more active but carries the digestion

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Fully developed stages Bronchitis resonance on percussion

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delphia for six years and had been released scarcely a

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primary action of all snake venom as the same in kind

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we may say to the contrary. I tell a patient what I think

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Administration. Kino may be given in ball powder infusioa

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welfare centres and the purpose of the grant is shown in

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tion or in a considerable proportion of cases as obvious evidence of

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dried. By frequent application say once every half hour for

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necessary to bring others to that standard A medical

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laboratories to the foundation of medical schools to the estab

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or less penetrating offensive odor irritating causing

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parts which exhibited the erudition of their author. The last chapter

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form is so simple that no particular descrijjtion is

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