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seldom employed. The Tartarated Soda may be usefully

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upon the consciousness might be said to be a victim

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mon in children under the age of twelve because resistance if

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depends upon the presence cjf gt ther symptoms and physical signs and can

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movinor the troops destined for that service. The or teams effectually

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The tuberculin must be pure without addition of water and even

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In the morning ami by o lt l ek they are usually aa

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for twenty nunutes in a covered vessel and strain.

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ducing a fatal infective peritonitis. In cattle the foreign body

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or gastroptosis. 5 The prevention of the incidence of this complaint. The

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deavored to differentiate the true B. diphtheriae from

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of the bladder. The equipment for this procedure is the articles

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being more easily raised as the inflammation subsides and the cough

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They can be stained with Loffler s methylene blue which stains the

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by distinguished foreigners will be given. Also demonstrations

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The medulla is stimulated by Strychnine in all its im

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Jewish writers have supposed that the same appearances

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filtering the liquid while hot and subjecting the crystals which form

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the art of surgery by Pott whose labours were continued through half

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The Study of Vestibular Nerve Function in Myxedema. By Rot A.

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other circumstances judged an unseemingly decided tone to my own

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related to education. The remedy for this is not found in pre

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dilatations of the stomach and large intestine have

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reports as to both failures and successes on the part of those

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just as if no treatment of any kind had been tried.

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sion and make the diploma more valuable. He told them that

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that accompanies its presence of great interest to every practi

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following curious facts were ascertained When a vertical section

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Ass. The Hcematopinus of the Ass belong to the same species as that

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Offices not later than the i8th of the preceding month. No charge is

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abounding in a milky juice. The stems are annual numerous slender

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Thi traits dans ma commuoicalion de dScembre dernier la question des hSmoptysies

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dent indeed that for quite other reasons than that the science and

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hereditary syphilis is the direct cause of juvenile tabes.

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atropism a slight flushing of the face dryness of mouth and

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I have made eighty four operations for appendicitis

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form metastases. The latter is per esting of these are the conditions under

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distention. The bloating which attends choke has a differ

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ably more difficult to estimate on microscopical examination than in

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count of some preputial calculi removed from two natives of the Solomon

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and the hypogastric nerve. Stimulation of the sacral spinal nerves

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characterized by a want of endurance Ijy a lack of power of

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corresponding face muscles. Vision with the right eye was reduced to

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ance of the initial lesion to the appearance of the

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and neck grew thick. Deformities of the trunk visceral signs and symptoms

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talking. Quite a large proportion are feeble minded

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part a large yellowish mass partially separated from the surrounding

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can be confounded if we exclude caries and meningeal cysts and if we

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light stimulus. Indeed measurements show that its wave length is

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her prosperity to a degree greater than at any former

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experimentally in animals and was possible in human beings.

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glandular hair chaffy scale or as an archegonium so long as it has

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Cocaine Hydro Chlorate in from 5 to 20 solutions applied is

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statistics. This he attributes to the publication of selected favourable

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ground that this expense was one of the holiday and not

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Amidei Mattia. Imerologio ovvero discorsi intorno alia confet

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