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Sugar or molasses when freely eaten by children prove excellent anthel

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the secretion of urine is scanty the drugs that are usually preferred

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qulnin and that it finds its most favorable nidus for develop

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the suppression of natural discharges when it is vicarious.

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fact that approximately the same results may be obtained by the

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ping or bread and treacle. The infant haa sop with or wilhout

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cises applied in the treatment described in the foregoing

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There are certain other apparent inconsistencies. The

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parasites and their nits are destroyed in fifteen minutes from this time.

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number of bacteria present v. as very small and the amount

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the Orient where the chief was absent from his post

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This short epitome of some of the facts of the painting

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the patient ran away as fast as she could up several flights of

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now seldom declined. Very few transfers with tho consent

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To THE Directors of the Hospital Savings Association Inc. of

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The latter has the property of checking hyperplasia

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have die same glistening reddish black colour which is so well

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rheumatism. In the last four cases urobilin was iresent

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London Old and New. By Walter Thornbury and Edward Walford

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tively well nourished and the appetite is often good though the sufferer

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stand the expenses of a weekly. Wlien we consider that the

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glands constitute the second line of defence and again

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of a very interesting and instructive case. A woman

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to the rational signs of phthisis has the most marked improvement taken

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to provide testimony to the Subcommittee on Environment Energy

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preferable to the urethral reophore. In the absence of electrical appa

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It was all in vain. The quack s glasses were the best

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river water was then reasonably pure and no suspicion is at

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essentially from that of the special homologies. Unity of plan may

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liharmaeeh. ists ol talilished reputatnm and from clin

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glycerin and slightly in water. Guaiacol Carbonate is a con

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Definition. Dinhi tea is a chronic disease characterized by iLe

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The result of the poll was announced just before 7 p.m. by

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the side of civic righteousness. Yet in the very thick of the

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