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of ten years. The meteorological disturbances which took place ten years
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ferent physicians and with various success I should
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By the will of Bridget McStrain of Philadelphia the
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After the literature on gas warfare received from France and England had
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One child No. was found on admission to hospital to be suffering
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Mr. Wardrop considers that tbe operation may be per
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side the sensory root fibers of the trigeminus form a flat longi
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clearly marked blowing character. This is particularly the case in
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as a hypoplasia or developmental inhibition in the propriocep
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Case I was met in the person of a rather delicate man of
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possesses the advantages of causing no disturbance of the
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among the cases reported by Redlich strongly resemble the
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Gillies Joannes. De Iritide vulgo inflammatione iridis dicta.
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stable nervous type. No diseases of childhood except epidemic paro
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unlike the European Chinese or negro because it is relatively shorter.
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hensive manner. Neither of these physicians is a psychiatrist in the
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trinsic cancer cannot invade hyaline cartilage that
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without the considerable catarrhal or febrile phenomena
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discharged a watery fluid on to the cheek. Both sides of
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and the mouth coated with a tenacious glutinous mucus.
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Although since the introduction of lumbar puncture in 1891 investiga
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of the uninjured side but the arm is rigid generally
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Hayem found in each of two Ducks which were at the same time
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take nourishment or to assimilate it properly to ul
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III. Eplcardiuin Connective tissue containing elastic fibres under it is fat.
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Color of the Sky in Developing Animal and Vegetable
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contact with the individual and the time at which he develops
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gratulate myself and thank Dr. Bingham for the eminently satisfactory
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jacent tissues so that a rough kind of papillary appearance was pro
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limited opportunities of utilizing the material available
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Foundation of course go to the centers of our education that is in
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Observations and published in the lioston Medical and
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the imagination of the pathologist that the second Yirchow s paren
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of symptoms. Excitement followed by somnolency and excitement
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and equipment compares most favorably with other hospitals.
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substances will be found helpful. Another important point to be
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standardized under state control by Prof. Ehrlich of the Royal

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