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either to base hospitals or to their houjes. The idea vroukl

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pould not well be refused though the quota of laboratory personnel was still

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which are very flexible are bent backwards towards the throat. As

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Ursache auch jetzt festzustellende Herabsetzung des Blutwertes

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an enlarged and dislocated spleen. The suppuration was unquestionably

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border of a patch and as yet unmodified by scratching treatment

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of that thigh responded to the lowest strength of induced current

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member of the Association for many years. The honorary

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venom injected by a cobra at an experimental bite. I had hoped to

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the deau at the hospital or to the Secretary of the

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for himself into the coarsely concrete a realistic habit of mind is

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the symptoms which are of considerable value as regards differential

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Thirty six ap.pointments. i of whom had previous service were

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of the motor nerve roots however their conclusion that cells

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ent. Occasionally these periosteal swellings are situated

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with the result of progressive degeneration and disinte

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have excited less interest than the arterial throm

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was deep and on account of the attenuated nature of the exposed

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thoroughly discussed by the readers of the various papers

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granules a metastasis was noticed in the superticial

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the nervous system either directly or indirectly through their influence

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in Verbindung steht auch nilt einem dieser Schwindler Inhaber

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reaches the degree of richness normal to the permanent inhabitants of the

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per cent among boys of the farmer class aud 61 3 per

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ing cause. Evidently there are predisposing and exciting

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exhaustive analysis of the causes of the fatality including a discussion of the

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heading of acute multiple neuritis and I believe that the clearest

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The adult of average size requires about two litres of

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one of irrepressible hope especially in the less chronic forms. Such

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great nations which have led the modern world in the develop

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tion sometimes leads to suppuration and even gangrene

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between inhalation and local anesthesia. Generally speaking he

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and general practitioners 16 4 barristers and solicitors 15.4 chemists and

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Members of the Canadian Club in I ew York City are con

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Cotton be restored into his place in the Assistants againe

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meningitis aseptica whether bacteria may not at some time have

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Dr. Henry H. Rusbv dean of the New ori lt College of

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flagella four in number may appear to be of the same length or

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rosis is merely that of an associated effect of pre

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Stilling has made a careful study of the cellular elements

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ulceration is often delayed. The ulceration tends to remain superficial

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parasite or bacteria this latter animal may be in the incubation

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controls. From the age of seventeen then Dr. Lloyd Jones finds that

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may be trained is now 125 the number of recognized teachers is

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She appeals with all the persuasive force of the shrieking sisterhood for

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in order to guard against a not only possible but very

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the onset of his trouble he became nauseated and vomited twice. There

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odour and a bitter nauseous taste in the fresh state the odour aznl

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ally extends upwards towards the knee or hock. It really advances

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will be seen that the chief cause of death in these

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presides over the inspection which prevents them and in a dozen other ways

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ties in the Division of Gastroenterology are inferior as

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questions of child welfare. The journal will be issued

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the cardiac region spreading to the arms especially the left arm

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dense knob of connective tissue. This knob had totally ob

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First Lieut. Leonard Wood Asst. Surgeon ordered to proceed

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dysentery and diarrhea and other diseases requiring gentle stimulation.

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methylenamin in bouillon in the concentration of 1 1 000 and inocu

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