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both suffering from whooping cough which had lasted a fortnight

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cine first as a program in radioisotopes and later be

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do the same with the other juice to be economical pare

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tion and severity of the fever. When present they are more marked in

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by Drs. Callaghan and Magner and he was removed to his home where

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Kinda though its occurrence in the deep and wooded valleys may be

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From her confinement till I saw her she had never been free

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tion in the administration of anaesthetics and that the Council has

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ground and more especially the livid parts were ikst sprinkled with

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is reduplicated at various points so as to partially or completely envelop

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under my observation is remarkable and when the symptoniH ija

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attention to this group of melanotic growths. In 10

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The third case is that of a male aged 29 who was sent

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Chassaniol amp Guyot 1878a 66. obbold 1864g 157 1879b 39 1885a 499

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an aggravated cliaiacter. I nr weeks or months tliey may he eonlined to

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separated places in the vicinity of the adhesions can only imperfectly

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tious diseases which relate to problems of Public Health Hygiene and Preventive Medicine.

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exanthematous diseases especially of children. Many consider this

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cinoma. In the lung parenchyma they include 1 carcinoma

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out promis aux parents de ce pauvrt et iniortuni 1 mareclial

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She had been in five large hospitals in Philadelphia

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a days so much an affair of physical diagnosis that the

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Case. This patient is a man of sixty three remarkably strong and well

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Uteri. Epithelium removed from a part of one or both lips exposed

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ascending frontal convolution about midway between the fissure of

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of granulating wounds which would of course include

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nature as among the ancients and we must come to the year 1083

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That the officers elected at the Annual Representative

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They have been described under the name of lingual sclerosis.

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The gratitude of patients to their doctors is says the dole sometimes

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is in jeopardy and that such cases are not to be de

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leaves. None of the above remedies can be regarded as ensuring radical

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action upon the centres involved at least not in doses

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more or less to represent to himself the figures he is studying but

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chemical substances may bring it about especially if administered in large

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sexual interval. 1 It must not be inferred however that

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syphilis or malignant disease it is not invariably so and one must not

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six weeks at the same time it may be decided that the

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the improved Caesarean operation. In the past two or three years the

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and soap which could not be so vigorously applied to

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gait is.swaying and waddling. There is feeble response to both currents

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appearances actually observed and that their illustrations

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significance of the two hands of the clock and fails

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the improved Caesarean operation. In the past two or three years the

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The proportion of cases wearing one correction for all purposes is

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Trypanosomes appear in the salivary glands on the twenty fifth

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monia are quite common. The presence of fever and leucocytosis is

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