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six cases of phthisis treated by Cantani s cultures of

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become infected. In adult human beings the contagion causes

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Gellhorn G. Nonoperative Treatment in Gynecology Gynecological and Obstet

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but bv itself does not decide between primary acute nephritis acute exacerba

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field hospital the medical parks and depots and the army ambulance service through

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heat may lead to undue prolongation of the negative phase.

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This table is very striking. It shows that in the great cities of

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To contract the pupil and diminish intraocular tension.

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healthy part the vesicular sound is increased towards the borders of

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The usual question is What is your name Receiving a prompt reply

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Listerine is unirritatine even when applied to the most delicate

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mate of the influence of coincidentally acting factors in

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of the other who were exhibited in various parts of

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ments is very apt to cause the operation to be unsuccessful.

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do not sutfcr from elephantiasis. Mr. Day says also that he has

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houses generally I will here mention as specimens. First

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of disease and any differentiation of disease disease was regarded

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gradually from apnoea and venous stasis progressive weakness and exhaus

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or the rat. At the same time animals directly inocu

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the majority of the medical profession because the bill

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uterus the heart sounds heard plainest on the right

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the cord is passed through it the loop being tiglitened and run up

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at the root of the limb. It seems probable that unless performed

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papers and join in the discussion shall bring to bear

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until the stream returning was colourless and their value was much

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of men who had been marked positive was prepared and delivered

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stages whereas the late circulatory failure in diphtlieria for instance

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succeeding Dr. Franz PfafI whose resignation was ac

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the Journal. Without this clause thirty years services will not so frequently be

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not have been adopted some expedient resorted to for his relief for if

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culous form and 2 that complicated with tuberculosis. A Com

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sealing of the aqueous chamber. 4. The greater part of tlie

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distilled spirits and it prevails most extensively in countries like England

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seen that they are common phenomena in cases of alcoholic neuritis and

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of the most important features of this treatment. The

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Metrorrhagia is a less uncommon event than vicarious hemorrhage

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der Hoof remarks that the percentages attributed to peptic ulcer and to the

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low temperature becomes a danger signal. Such cases

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reaction. In general it is a chronic affair no consideration being given

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there never was a history of constipation. No headaches at anv time during

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skimmed milk which is most likely to be produced by several

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pleasant sequelae. No special caution being required in its administration. As a soothing

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feel that a great truth has been only partially revealed to us when

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coming hyperoamic. Dr. Edward Miller in 1814 recom

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TELEorAPHio AnDRESs. The telosra.nhio adilress of the EDITOR oj

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Preparation. Take of Virginia Snakeroot in powder Ipecacuanha

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motion to the House. S r Donald urged that the only difference

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nosis and perhaps if it be found on further studies to be

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psychic infection in the parental environment he thinks they should be re

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cluding aseptic fever with them is their prompt be

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Prior to the arrival of these troops the water supplies in these

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muscular debility is great it is generally of great

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stituted which is held by a framework resting on the bed

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