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evan among the educated portion of the community teething ia rc
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fibula. On the 16th a male aged 19 was admitted with his right
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the end of which a concave metal plate is attached
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to 3 inches for six to nine months the time varying
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and paraly.sis of the pharynx or larynx .secondar abscesses
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the case of a man aged thirty eight who had received
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cases of alcoholic habits and he has for twenty years refused
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into ten equal fractions. The first fraction started to distill
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unless the optical constants have been previously determined.
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fallen into the error and this error is not new of con
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the deceased. The last case of the disease to originate in the city
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bleeding from the meningeal artery was stayed by tamponnement.
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for one to two hours and that in nearly every instance
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over a small area just above the costal margin in the right
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one third of the instances or the amount of glucose in
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loaded with blood or bloody serum. On auscultation minute crepita
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of every year the larvae of the mollusk quitting their swimming
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of inspection exists at present sufficient to prevent all danger from
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usually the case in this disease. In most of the cases
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disease can only succeed to a slight degree in accom
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bodies of living creatures Goiffon s theory was correct but as yet the
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hospital practice. I shall consider peritonitis under
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the most classical of its kind. It will greatly inter
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these lesions by cauterization universally practised at
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ogy in regard to its applicability to all fields of
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home for he has not grasped the opportunity to base his account
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coupled with the wondrous stories of the advertisement which ex
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Essentials of Diagnosis. Arranged in the form of Questions and
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more careful about the history and less so about the percentage
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and the platinized electrode was just dipping into the blood. After
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patients complain of smarting in urethra. That albumin and casts are
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great bulk under the stress of war and with very imperfect materials for
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hordeolum is a part of the general staphylococcus furuneulosis which may
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such as those of a syphilitic or tuberculous nature or a dermoid cyst.
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entirely absent simple pneumonia not l eing accompanied by pleurisy.
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events in this case was the reverse of the ordinary one.
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of our foreign colleagues have definitely announced that they will come
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the last cantaloup diet day these became 7.38 and 250 c.c respec
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report to the board within five days the date place of
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section at the level of the third sacral nerve Fig. 4381
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compensation the diet of the patient should be nourishing but
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stcnosed area and had been locked up there by the ball
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and instead of being with open calibre as represented in the
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use of Kolossow s method would prevent error as myelin
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tumors in most instances. Pathologically the growths belong to the myxo
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Between the two limits of Ph lie the limits which are of
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Stack Edward H. Edwards A rvaler Cliftondown rd. Bristol
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esting and instructive. Unfortunately the author has given prac
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increase the strength at the same time that thej diminish the
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mors are usually single that is only one tumor occuring in the
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of arteries forming very intricate plexuses which entwine
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tion in a well to do woman for it was observed that the
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the peritoneal cavity. In cases of perforation the first indica
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The patient must retain the recumbent position for at least a

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