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The prognosis in anosmia will depend very much on the special cause
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ings of break down are subjective and come earlier among
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Doctor of Medicine in the University of London taking
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The desire to teach a strong factor of Dr. Simon s character
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temperature. He goes on to say that the effect of tlio
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people. A large and fruitful field for endeavor along the lines
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skin with plus and minus signs the parts were again tested
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if we allow that the resistance of the tissue between
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the turbid appearance so characteristic of most forms of
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writers of his time. But the greatest prize ever made
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tion remains as to wliethcr the higher degree of sanitation
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among the classics of medical literature. A new edition
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ors stretch from the inner condyle along the front of the
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further investigation to the mutual benefit of the practi
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a time at Ncwcastle on Tyne and some fifteen or sixteen
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obtained from the affected finger during a paroxysm and that this causes
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treatment useless beyond attempts at relieving the most prominent symptoms.
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whether there is any case of cocaine addiction not asso
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MALTZYME is exceptionally rich in diastasic and nutrient
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cases of uncomplicated nephritis. It will be noted that the phthalein
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nificance when we review the symptoms and signs of the disease. Even from
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drainage. Too often the well is situated in or near
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able to make a diagnosis that meningitis is present but by
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my former practice as to allow a patient to sit up in bed
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has been very striking the mesenteric venules sometimes looking as if
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are described the one simple the other congested the names sufficiently indi
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from mustard oil by heating with alcohol and ammonia.
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the odor of chlorine in the sick room is considered
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membrane appears thinned a section shows tne tubes excessively wasted
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the National Health Insurance Act. In many areas no local
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weeks after this measure was resorted to the disease
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and the swallowing of quantities of such saliva containing small amounts of
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was always thin certainly nothing can be done. If it has been gradually
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clavicle and in the supraspinous fossa on the right. Above the right clavicle
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Public property in the possession of a patient in the hospital who on
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W. H. White of Guy s Hospital in a very interesting article on
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profuse diarrhea great exhaustion and a rapid fatal course.
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higher. Following this rapid rise there occur sUght oscillations
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street upkeep dangerous rectangular collision corners
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was used. The fall in the temperature occurred within from one to four
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sition. One attack follows another until a pemstent vertiginous state
and visits of doctors aud the cost incurred for drugs by
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that end obtained an appropriation for the construc
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be accepted as possibly causing no clinical signs and therefore need not
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Post mortem Much fat under skin of abdomen and about the viscera. Limbs
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scrofulous inflammation of the brain. Sometimes blindness is one of the
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your admirable editorial. At least it would be very
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squatting position is of itself injurious. I believe that the long continued
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differed from the hematozoon of malaria from the fact that
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food preservatives. Some unfortunate accidents have
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organ becomes occasionally quite detached from its sur
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muscles about to be affected and during the process of wasting bat
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quarters of an hour must be occupied in giving 500 c.c.

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