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retching which is an effort at vomiting due to the con
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Cases of transformation of simple into paralytic insanity are in many
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bile evacuated without directly increasing the amount secreted
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guessed at the obscure supernumeraries taking their part in the
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needs and resources of those coming under his care to divine their
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bovine tubercle bacilli with which they were inoculated.
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the room I witnessed a scene which 1 have not language to describe.
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We are at the present time assisting several boys and girls in advanced
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during the months of July and August and none since
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The procedure recommended by Thompson may be resorted to in order
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soon as the siphon was established there was a tendency
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central and peripheral nervous systems of this animal but in no
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healthy or pathologic state removal of foreign bodies or
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Schmidt which ascribes some cases of swollen disc to distension of
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The fatal cases in this series showed typical curves which corresponded to
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courtier thought as highly of it as of the French of Paris. Another
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appears nor returns at the present time of year the superficial lesions
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its termination without marked variation. In certain camps however there
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treatment for great nervousness irritability physical and mental exhaus
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bladder and extending between the folds of the broad ligament
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of the 8onth Essex Division will be held on Thursday. Decem
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ing to serve or attend the sick is that branch of knowledge
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diseases which has occurred in the previons seven days
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actinomycosis erysipelas and gonorrhoea c syphilitic myositis a
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The conclusion that in the medical examination drives
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integrity the central softened mass may again harden by desiccation and
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President Gordon K. MacLeod MD testified in February at a House
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process persist over 20 days giving an average of 26 days. Pneumonitis occurred
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and venous congestion in the portal and in the systemic circuits.
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except the radial flexors of the carpus. He had slight control over
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patches showing themselves from time to time. They are well defined in
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opinion which will exact from the soldier a constantly non venereal status. This
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broken down into a putrid pulp. At other points the epithelium
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These should be put away in a dark closet as the mixture soon
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numerous doctors since my connection with the case one says
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of his life and labors there goes.forth a benediction to every home in
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As the nomenclature of discitses ought to sugg gt st
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ity loss of vision and catarrhal conjunctivitis. She
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of Dieffenbach of Berlin by the frequency with which
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ther southward than to include the State of Virginia
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claqueurs fill the world with their noise and consti
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lowest forms is without consciousness without its subjective side
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inortality to the mothers of 13.6. He states that the cases of
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inquiry but there were no epidemiological facts supporting
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on the part of the medical practitioners. It must in the
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Treatment. If no eompUoations arise the treatment is to simply supply
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warm bath and cold applications to the head will generally
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present mode of treating the pedicle much of the success which has
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or constricting and strangling them. Hence there is left a pre
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Latins will render Cleophas. And therefore the quarrel of
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greatly increased and the accuracy and certainty of
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drainage tubes into the various peritoneal recesses em
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The results of removal of the uterus for cancer in its
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toxins which develop either in the muscle or in the digestive
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intestinal obstruction caused by a cicatricial band compressing
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iSth Northeast Branch Philadelphia County Medical So
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sions from the study of the stool after the patient has ingested

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