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of his series of experiments which he published lately and

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and finally gives place to absolute flatness. From day to day the gradual

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review while whenever we met I was sure to receive from him a

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taneously or under an over hot regimen becomes continued the

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for Matriculants from other Faculties in the Lfniver

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better than the latter drug and often acts quite as well

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six of them being universities. Since the school started the students have

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after tivo to three months of rest air and feeding. Early consumption will

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perform water analyses etc. 3 regular and constant receipt of information

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was found intact and was left behind during the removal of the

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when tlie circulatory or nervous system demands it. The writer

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chops in paper frills and broiled chicken play a part

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to equalize the proportion of oxygen in forest air and the atmos

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The cysts are composed of parenchymatous tissue internally and

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them and only act upon the large bowels and others again act

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investigate the alcoholic tendencies of.h.Q families of candi

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trade union but simply and solely because they were

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About Setting Sponge Over Night. It will be observed that Uhe

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riage or appendicitis or pus tubes. Ectopic gestation in the

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plaintiffs propounded the last will dated August 1st 18S0 of the Rev.

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Rutherford describes an epidemic of alopecia which he observed in

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is the first symptom observed. In larger children and

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illness it means some comftlieation or circulatory failure with inanition of

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poisons have a productive action on the periosteum.

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Rib resected in each non fatal case. 1 followed spontaneous

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vicissitudes to which wounds are liable the following questions remain

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The wife of Eaymond Villard of Lyons married at twenty two

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how to make the best use of such articles of food as may

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March 23 1918 when the first patients were received. The normal capacity

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oughly painted with the perchloride solution continuing

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authorized ff ctive Julv 1 1913. Tlie total authorized number was

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obviate this state of affairs large sized corks were secured and per

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other clasR. In practical therapeutics they are of greater weight

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to a pulp and thoroughly impregnated with filth. The

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We have no hesitation in expressing our conviction that a specific charity

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and that wisdom is often cautious procrastination. We want

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is the only measure to which the lesion will respond. Uniform success

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brought into the wards but that the utensils shall be carried direct to

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drug. They finally compromised on charcoal and we began by giving a

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of the annual value of 25 and tenable for five years two vacant

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All remittancc3 by Post Offlco Orders must be made payable to

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classes might labour each in his own workshop but quite apart from

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the discussions focused on syphilis. White physicians main

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