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the Diploma in Dental Surgery of the College. During the year nine Candidates

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to Obstetrics and Diseases of Children and in his opening

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the bladder with a large quantity of fluid and then pressing the

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ures not succeed and the symptoms be urgent tracheotomy may have

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and becoming inhaled particularly in the form of dust

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to the whole of his estate which amounts to about 60 000. The

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was already using ether anesthesia in his surgical practice. He

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which the stomach may also be involved. The observa

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beginning usually in the legs or arms. At the beginning of the illness

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descended in direct line from Hippocrates he was Master of the

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and excite perspiration endangering earache or cold in the

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when placenta prsevia cases were treated by plugging the

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where swallowing breathing or speaking is seriously impeded

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called by their right names Cattle disease cattle plague and rinder

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shows an upward tendency continue to take the temperature until the

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disposal of carcases. Destruction of the capybaras is not considered

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healthful life implies balance of function. It is not

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unsatisfactory to the last degree. Again the circulation of blood

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tunate of which is that at Ithaca N. Y. the home of a

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the 900 cases examined who had pruritus ani were consti

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cases were negative for previous attack and doubtful in the remaining

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cluded in a bouquet without causing the distress for

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Osterman showed that the meningococcus was present in the

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nite ammonia is substituted. He prefers the carbonate

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ties not yet satisfactorily understood. It is a valuable medicinal agent

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Please remember your Alma Mater with fond regards. Continue to

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full of perfect gonococci. Probably it is as well to take the story

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smallpox against an annual average of 78. The loaths from

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of stopping to thread the needle is avoided. They are retained under

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a philosopher the teacher of history must be a man of business. Experience

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Lobelia is a favourite remedy with some practitioners for

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surgeon is in the room examining her. Moreover the matter

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tlie cut bring together and tie. So proceed until you have the wound

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the muscles into flexors and extensors and the body into

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have persistent auricular fibrillation should be given digitalis to

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ilian a combatant soldier be he officer or man. Yet

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External Appearances.. Stout on fore arms and hands brown pig

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ment and to other bureaus of the War Department 150 816.41 were

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pass into demeutia that the brain exhibits any notable

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it be torpidity it is quite the contrary however in tuberculosis

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