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came to favour styracol and to discard the use of guaiacol.

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on the strength of a process for obtaining fatty matter

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Gold in Alloys. The Purple of Cassius. The effect of impurities on the

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with Blaud s pills without betanaphtol showed an increase of

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may readily lodge and luxuriate in the channels already formed. The

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pain he experiences is a fair gauge to our success for

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nook Didn t one hear blithe hearty laughter at eve

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improvir medical education on a grand scale were not at that

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Parliament which will qualify graduates of colonial colleges for appoint

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the manifestations of which are resented by its object or are

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pleasant by paths of knowledge until you come at last to a

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Hays. Hopkins experiments with x ray in carcinomas and

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TABES DORSALIS. From Taleo to waste away dorsum the

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years very many points still remain obscure. Never

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diction is imperfect. For instance it is said p. 176

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the evidence prepared before it had been given. The summing up of a

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acid l7ad given the best results. He did not believe in

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When the gastric juice ia altered in its composition the alkaline

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disturbance such as have frequently been mentioned by French writers

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take the place of popularly elected bodies when control of

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length of stay in hospital is shorter than after the ligature

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fessor Fisher s address was How to Double Working Effi

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General s office include ages 18 to 44 whereas the Selective Draft

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sixty grains dilute snlphnric acid six fluid drachms or a sufficiency. Dissolve the

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from the bust nearer than any other painting we have of our

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feels inclined to scream. She complains of much distress in her head

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that the periosteum and bone should be treated in the simplest manner

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those who can walk miles without pain usually have more

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cell of organ and organ are more like those under which ancestral

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unpasteurized. There were however no other cases oi

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sive drive for recruits which had been inaugurated during the pre

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showed that nine of these patients had recovered and

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out my endeavors. Thanks to my friends old and new and

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Sometimes delivery is possible with the aid of traction. But in the

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example the introduction of a peptone into the blood may

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times and then almost always in connection with measles. He

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may be repeat lt d every other day In obstinate cases even

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like those of the secondary stage of syphilis. This erup

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It being so difficult to sterilize the feet or hands of

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conceive of such an organism as the spirochaete traversing the vessel walls

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tion as in cases of high arterial tension it should be

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much more prominent symptom than the pain. This latter is usually a

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papers which may have been handed to the Eegistrar or Deputy

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judge of the seriousness of his illness it is important

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as heated or sterilized air would not produce fermenta

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y chilblains on her feet and her hands were deeply chapped and

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through the nature of his illness to a very restricted diet. Owing to

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sided tapering stigma minute pubescent ovary roundish concealed

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ment. And we physicians are in consequence asked daily Is this

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mittee takes this opportunity of expressing its obligation and according

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workmen at Pittsburg but he declines to establish such a hos

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