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There is no doubt that the mode of life as well as customs

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applications are indicated. These should be applied after bathing. In

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heat of summer or after the long continuance of sum

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The solid innocent tumours of the submaxillary and sublingual glands

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ence of images composed of sensory impressions and by virtue

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of the following case m.iy lead to a treatment easily carried

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Fig. 9 Cross section through the primitive endbrain and common ventricle

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the pubic spine is more definite than the trochanter I prefer to use

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false opinions of ignorant men for witnes I putte ex

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Mode of blinding a horse and applying lotlun to the eye 430

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TREATMENT. The objects of treatment are to maintain the general

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granules are found in the sheath and leucocytal infiltration with granule

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lating lasm liuni filling slightly more than one half of the erythrocyte.

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Dose Of the powder twenty to sixty grains three or four

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Thus whilst presenting distant affinities with the minute bronchiolar and

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doctrine suited to command the admiration and gratitude of the

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Cicatrization. Superficial ulcers often heal without leaving any seri

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have been advocated. Nicoladoni Eichhorst and others beheved the

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corded amount of ozone was below the average during the early part

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report be referred to a special committee for considera

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Review reference is made to the subject of Hitching in

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prevent fraud or deception with respect to marking. There then

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severe fall upon the right shoulder which had occurred

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mary stimulation of the spinal motor area which is finally

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whitish yellow color compressed deeply fissured on both sides nearly

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their existence renders the diagnosis of syphilitic iritis certain

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present the symptoms of that most painful intlamniation. Death is

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flse but the vehement impulse of the densely conglomerated

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cent. and of 173 which did not undergo operation 93

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protective tariffs to defray the expenses of the campaign. I have been

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ence is made by the boards of health of five States.

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the attendance of members of the committee at meetings of that body.

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and should be adopted by the city council. The suggestion that the city

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spontaneously to recover their power this is known as

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question for physiological experiment. Similar warnings have been

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tion which affect respiration heart and vasomotor action and

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extraction of the foetus was required seven times and

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find upon careful inquiry of her mother and teacher

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and cancer it may be impossible to separate them from chronic gastric

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spray sterilizing the water before making the solu

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larynx and upper part of the trachea the laryngo tracheal region and

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which often gives rise to trouble. In health it should be

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treat tlie wrong doer not as a criminal but as tlie

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and most frequent are hypersesthesia and inflammation of the prostatic

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the Guy s Hospital Reports was an able pathologist and clinician

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Nitroglycerin in Angina Pectoris. It is authoritatively stated

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as soon as they feel that they are incurable is one reason

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ide. The most interesting of the inorganic constituents

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