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tion in the incidence of communicable diseases. Hospitals are re

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special permission of the Principal or Professor in charge and

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fer from unpleasant symptoms after taking this drug

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equal frequence appearing to have a preference for the upper parts of

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body as far as possible against the progressive wasting and exhaus

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the vaginal route and believes that its advantages are unques

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disease being most frequently seen between the ages of

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ducted in this laboratory a study of the monilias of the gastro

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that some tonsillar tissue might remain adherent to

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Commissioners has been allotted the task of preparing a plan

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cells exfoliated or in the fermentative activity of the saliva or in the

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by endometritis or by inflammatory changes in the uterine

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The confluent warts often assume the infiltrates the surrounding tissue

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icet there was crossed diplopia not corrected by a prism of 20. On

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jierineal bulk but it does not restore function and it

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that the materia medica had not received the use and

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the thorax as possible i.e. in contact with the body according to

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case under examination. It is said that a hundred men

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in the past may be new to most of you and well worth

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trophy as it is not over nourished but rather the contrary.

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obstacle according as it is large or small hard or soft and consequently

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and by its hypochondriacal character. Severe intellectual disturbance is rare

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others or is in the midst of an epidemic. It is im

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The very gradual onset of the symptoms in the first

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same clinical picture of dissimilar theories of dis

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elimination by the kidneys. In the single instance reported

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good for a suppurating mammary gland it ought to be for the highly

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most celebrated professors of the age namely Albertini and the

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the thorax as possible i.e. in contact with the body according to

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Case No. 1. Sea female Occwpation housewife Z gt wra

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is unstable and easily upset. Individuals who hitherto have hardly

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any cases of amaurotic tabes and if the vision is growing rapidly worse

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a meeting on December 7th witli Sir John BtANn.SL r gt

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drilling riding at artillery practice trench work. Cold and wet

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Kational Hospital for Diseases of the Heabt Westmoreland

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points of difference. The great advances which have been made in

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and this opinion is certainly strengthened by the immunity

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foetid plugs were pulled out from the sinus and some loose

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fa euen one of tbem ano tbe fame bib otber reeks llati

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produce of old Al dallah. She was undersized fretful and of a nervcjus

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T sually the cervical.yroup is first afl ccted and it nuiy he impossible

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on the pulse wave. As indicating the unreliability of the simpler model they

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difficulty may be avoided by rubbing them through a sieve.

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Mr. Lister performed a similar experiment before the Society.

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and discomfiture the shadow of the cruel though unintentional offencl

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brandy rum tea or coffee. In other cases again it has to be

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on the inside and the space filled with either sawdust or

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as an e g may sometimes be found. Microscopically there is seen atrophy

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These operations have for their object either to auDDlemfinl th.

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Simple closure of the perforation with a purse string suture and

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the tests in short to which the evidence in any given case

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internal ear. The patient complained of a creeping sensation in

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sponding fixed type was found to be visiting at the time. Infections

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when the disease is caused by abuse of alcoholic drinks.

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During the stages preparatory to the mitotic or indirect division

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weekly lecture and quiz assignment in groups of six or less to each

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periphery than extensions higher up in the lung. What we judge

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but soundly. The child died eight months afterward from intestinal catarrh.

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tus of Hahnemann as an academic and scientific institu

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Now the operations may belong to two categories those aimed

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