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cough but in other respects was tolerably well although fatigued by his

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cardiac murmur was heard while the patient was under observation.

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The most important means are to keep the patient warm and to be

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patron and the Prince of Wales as president. In Germany the

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The increasing popularity of intravenous medication

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occur when the spots will appear again almost to their original devel

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trypsin its action on protein in acid solution is inhibited

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after I had ordered it with great benefit. After this she

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cal subject has been so extensively used for literary material

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PCOM s Faculty Committee on Admissions will review all completed

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diminish the pupil as it does physiologically whenever the retina

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have not yet selected their residence. ing throughout the entire four years

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menstrual flow came from the urethra instead of from the vagina.

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points into every part of his body especially into the soles of

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emphasizes still further the superior food value of fatty foods for

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pipes which are nearly but not quite in unifon. when they are

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region producing a scalp wound but no loss of consciousness. Headache

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Im intsnlitial inflammation the connective tissue or stroma of the organ

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Fig. 2 Texas fever protozoa and the ticks which transmit them

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gratulate ourselves on the success of any cure of in

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These two prominent causes combined with a stenthic con

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secretion. The condition is rarely serious and only requires suitable local

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this compendium rehabilitate himself in the litera

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last few years was pale haggard and emaciated. His sleep was however

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fatal one in October. The autopsy showed that the successive attacks were

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Replying to Question from the Floor Can you increase the amount

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of which point down and out but do not reach the surface the

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resistance toward the digestive enzymes is remarkable.

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It s amazing to see God already working through the

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lumbar subarachnoid space and into the ventricle is

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frequently for throat and mouth diseases this dilution should be

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The localization of diseases within the substance of the brain is depen

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thing on purpose to obtain one his having them excited neither

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and nutrition in the muscle. The secretions are not altered there is no

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parotid gland. It is possible that in some instances this

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This affection of the spleen is not uncommon in other liver diseases.

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tic motion and thus cause their contents to be more quickly and

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college should cease from and after the 31st December iSSi and that

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living. To be sure wise discrimination in the selec

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in the military service are the wheeled litter cacolet

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upright. The tissue near the cesophagus appears to be less infiltrated

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provisions of Article 16 and of paragraph 2 of Article 17 of

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them but that they produce new motions of the cutaneous termina

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taken as a general rule that whatever produces a disagreeable

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