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for two or three years suffered from transient hemiplegic

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insuring greater soundness in our breeds of horses. I would not

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tom being the inability of the horse to at least voiuntarVy swallow.

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made of leather felt or webbing. Boiling water will shrink woolen

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sires that the L nited States shall be fullv and ade

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ilr. Gabst wg moved the following recommendation of

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word cousisi imitated the movements of clarionet playing with exactitude and

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In non dilatable strictures of the oesophagus gastrostomy is urgently

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whooping suffocative cough can hear the phlegm rattle just

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in polymorphonuclear neutrophils and the decrease in coagulation

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stenosis do not have dropsy. The liver may be greatly enlarged and in

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breeds. The men lived in rough huts and were at all times

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circular coat. It is clear therefore that this muscle is not

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a steady stream. Ptessure with the finger or with gradu

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making the pecuniary arrangements he desired. James was

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hospilal and charity cases they should be made of some material

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preparations which have been suggested a few have retained some

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impossible to catch malaria without being stung by a cer

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passes over a pulley to sustain the extending weights. The

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Dr. Marc Levingston in the forty fourth year of his age.

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which its odour is dua Martin states that he has obtained from it

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the supernatant fluid still retaining a slightly roseate hue. On the day previous

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is only observed at the end of a deep inspiration. It frequently wholly

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are practically identical in their cultural reactions. Their

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especially medical language. The book is divided into

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gaged in this experimental work it was discontinued. Meyer concluded that

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The respiratory murmur as a rule is of normal quality but often of

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in general medicine and surgery or toiuake a special study

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respective dietaries are entirely different. The house fly Musca

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d Arsonval was the first man to show that high fre

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pleural cavity and cause pneumothorax. Two of Dr. Grainger

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which it appeared in a recent number of the British

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a refrigerator until the later urines were obtained. The following methods were

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the States in February 1878 at the time they appointed public vaccin

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about thirteen or fourteen weeks prior to her death. The cavity of

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such restrictions as are not hampering than to hedge

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struction of bacteria is concerned these statements

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viously and come with a diagnosis of inflammation of the ovary.

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There is no disease says a medical writer that is treated

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lates to the cause of the disease the problem that most

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phenomena or of mental emotion as factors in the causation of the attacks

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with blood vessels and nerves. The muscular arrangemetit divider

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beds and in different portions of the same bed. The

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eggs three teaspoons of baking powder one and one half

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