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his cases of lung infection in the interepidemic period. Luetscher
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University that deaf mutes in whom the semicircular canals are fre
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was a globular mass completely surrounded by a lami
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ointment was then to be applied externally. Another system used
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normal grayness is an infallible index of some defect
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alone affected. There may be extreme alterations in the arteries of one
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ates sulphates and coloring matters but tlie opium remains
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ling and divide with great caution the layers of the abdominal
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purpose. The X rays were applied over the thyroid gland for
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remove pieces of bone and dress the wound antiseptically.
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nine imposed on him at the last Court of Assistants
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ointment commonly known under the name of Basilicon ointment
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the superiority of the latter only by its means is it
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cm lata itenim bifurcata ramis late divergentibus superioribus ca. 2
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the catheter as the current eats away the wire very rap
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singing and also because the laryngeal muscles tire more
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life the pubhcation of error can rarely be counteracted by tardy
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Lissauer s tract shows degeneration which may be chiefly in the lumbar
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the publication eubttHption or advertiting department of the
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much more prominent symptom than the pain. This latter is usually a
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carcinomas by way of the blood is explained by the great
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of Dieffenbach of Berlin by the frequency with which
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have had malaria longer than shown by his history. He
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cent. and is more common in men than in women about 79 per
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of the mountains is away from the coast leaving on their west a
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assigned being that D.S. can peruse the publication at
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did not admit the existence of any common sensation such as
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estaliers de Saint Come. Nous avons deja dcs fievres tierces
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sunshine prevailed had some direct connection with the incidence
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is entitled to two representatives. The University of Manitoba is under
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general condition became gradually weaker and dulness developed
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dose i e. a child five months of age was ordered a suppository
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as I afterward learned had given her the regulation treatment with
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must guide the practitioner in seeking an answer to this important inquiry
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and epidemic dysentery of the type due to Shiga s bacil
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cord. There are several instances on record in which injury of the cauda
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advance of those causes mentioned above. The diagno
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priwluce griping pains and hence should be combined with such car
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veilhior remarks the only symptoms common to all inflammatory
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union but eventually in similar cases fairly good union
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then follows the anatomical distribution of the strand as I have sketched
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the Divil that perpetual enemy the infenerable amp whom no
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charged from the hospital in two weeks see Fig 3. He
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is uncertain but the history seemingly shows that it was
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nodules very seldom occur over the surface of the tibiae. It is quite
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involved the wall of the superior vena cava possibly also causing a
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like the tube railways it is cool in summer and warm in
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c. The University of Porto Rico. The Commissioner of
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For the sake of greater simplicity I follow the ordinary
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tbts b gtnmng tbat uibicb tbcv Ojalmoae fcnoui ano b ep
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Koroniko from Vermica arviJlora is reported by Dr. J. Jardine
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trachoma in other words that it is an invasion of the cornea by
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ther southward than to include the State of Virginia
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from West Virginia. The dam of Blanco was by Blind Tuckahoe
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head is held in a more or less upright position with
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either the letter written by the Surgeon General to me or
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renascence of plant physiology will be the name of Julius von Sachs
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pneumonia. The direct propagation of the disease is brought about by
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along the sternomastoid muscle and the areolar tissue and glands
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quitoes more especially the Aedes calopus. Lejia is in general
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sloughy look with purple edges. It was now quite evident that the
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required to give adequate relaxation in these cases pro
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The vision is always at once and materially affected.
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point of entrance of the poison. In those cases where death occurs
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frequently does present symptoms of severe inflammation
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and lumbosacral regions are common. As regards their cause
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above stated is applicable to those TIS MEDIA Otitis Media Chronica
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A fall in pulse pressure whether due to a fall in systolic pressure
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consolidation. The right primary bronchus is normal. The left
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each of cocaine and homatropine in castor oil may be dropped
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arsphenamine to pass the baiTier set up by the choroid plexus

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