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From an anatomical standpoint instances of cervical rib
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than on a resistant skin. This rate of attaining equilibrium must have had
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arm and accompanied with any appearance of cyanosis or with dilated
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struck a machinist in the bend of the elbow and pierced tlie ulnar
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functions of cells receiving their innervation from a particular
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spoken of heredity depressed health from chronic diseases
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whether an expert should be given such authority as
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Britain show that some 32 per cent of all the cases
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symptoms produced were clonic spasms mainly affecting the left
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formulae selected from the best known authorities. With an Appen
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the word pictures he has laid hold of unless of course the
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ligatured and excised promptly to prevent the infection of
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peared good and beautiful unto their Maker s. The occasion
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to those used in other portions of the alimentary canal viz
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A patient w as admitted to hospital at Basra in June
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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine
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The prognosis of symptomatic chorea in diseases of the brain
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cates that the cement has undergone sutlieient alteration appreciably to diminish
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Upon receipt of the completed application and required credentials the faculty
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it is becoming a practice in this Colony amongst a certain
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the thymus is an epithelioid organ or rather an epithe
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disease develops more frequently in people with the puberty type of chest
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The following protocols are therefore of special interest in this
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La lerreur est si grande en Flandre que les pauvres gens
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scientific medicine in France was Marie FraD ois Xavier Bichit
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Physiological effects are the logical bases for the
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perated. Traces of an interstitial formation of ossific matter were visible as
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sporadically employed are greatly ineffective. Even the
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five or six minutes the peristaltic movement of the irri
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wish to guard against becoming too pessimistic all we have to
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example a remark of Dr. Slosson that a human life is
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the pubic spine is more definite than the trochanter I prefer to use
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the Secretary Dr. Dixon be appointed a committee to offer
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say that we represent to ourselves these movements I only mean that
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tion that many of the beds iu the ward in which this
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it with the thick zone period as seen earlier in the course of
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disease of the horse and that it formerly occurred and
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pronounced and a malignant one in which about 50 per cent
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at a length that is more worthy of them than the brief
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sickness is due to spirit agency the proper means of
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margarin and traces of iron. A gall stone usually has a nucleus an
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theory or condition which all recognize but have found difficult to
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increased and finally he died of asthenia July 19 1884.
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the disease is the result of anything which impairs nutrition.
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according to the conditions under which they have grown aud
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to 14 A. They are found in the submucosa of the intestines in
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hoisting engine powerful enough to lift at great speed the rope skip and
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surrounding country is delightful in character and the
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cytolysin go on with umisual rapitlity. the contrarx
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nasal worry the question must at any rate be considered an open one.
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arriving at Capo de las AguUas it resteth in the meridian
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Is it common do you know to meet with hypertension in the
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tion and renaered more and more artificial by skilful breeding and

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