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President Gordon K. MacLeod MD testified in February at a House
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the thyroid veins attended by haemorrhagic infarcts and necrosis. Homoio
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amination the uterus was found to be antiflexed with the right ovary
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General Hospital a table is published to gociologic Functions. 11 if 29
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Demonstration of Medical Cases Dr. McCuae Demonstra
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have taken place and as regards 6 natients the disease was
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oughly painted with the perchloride solution continuing
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of all cases of progressive muscular atrophy under twenty five years of
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restless and irritable and sleeps badly there is some disease present
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surgery and one in which the ground has been more hotly contested
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University in particular is to be congratulated upon bis
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on account of bladder trouble. An operation prostatectomy adeno fibro
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kinetic theory of shock aud of its prevention through anoci
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crobe by filtration dialvsis or centrifugalization
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after the Carrel Dakin method which he kindly describes for our
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rence was not noted by other workers. These four anaerobes are recognized
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The Scat of Formal ion. Within the liver itself calculi are occasionally
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Snter Epsom College. The two Vnivtrsity Scholarships each
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Autoysy Report. The body was that of a well developed well
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of a new isotope production reactor in Canada Maple X reactor. It
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diseased surfaces upon one anothor by the weight and strain of use in
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approved if not actually devised by the Minister for the
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The usual sterile sheets and towels cover the patient.
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special features of tuberculous laryngitis particularly in the early stage
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mucosa. These glands are confined to the growth and never
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The prognosis of pericarditis must have been much more un
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reported so that it is impossible to know with any ac
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appointed medical officers who have to reverse completely their
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I should add that the metliod of control we advise iu
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produce this lesion. As to how often it is produced by the pregnant
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peared good and beautiful unto their Maker s. The occasion
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dans bacteriemia clinches the diagnosis. An experienced clinician will
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Due and formal complaint had been lodged that these
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Eklebohls said though in some cases existing adhesions
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and I must confess to having felt a great reluctance
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chine is started with the prime conductors actually touch
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acidity i ide anted. Special care must be taken in the
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would meet in Washington D. C the same month without in
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or the eleventh nerve caused vigorous contractions of the
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involved iu adults than in children Vury frequently membranous pliaryn
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tality from tubercular disease was three times as great
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falo Doctor Allen was a recognized teacher of medi
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the Pacific and of America from the Eskimo of the northern ex
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interfered with. It is interesting to note that lack of suitable nutrition
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the explanation being that the women who journeyed to the sale went
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to the regurgitation into the nostrils artly to the involvement of the
and somnolence and stupor may indicate a fatal issue.
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Cats in the neighbourhood of Chateau Gontier Mayenne and which
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The electrons therefore act upon one another but this action is
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