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were within easy reach of the majority of the pickets aud

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mittee was appointed to consider and report at a future meeting of the

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either the letter written by the Surgeon General to me or

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been noted in any case. The patients have not seemed to have been

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tuberculin is that we must be satisfied that there is no

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every child in the land and subjecting it to the shock and the

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dition of the patient precluded any more extensive op

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and a few others have been recorded. Forster I holds that a miasmatic

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pronounced cerebral symptoms by the hemiplegia by the electrical

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secretion that soaked into the plugs of cotton wool

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parents to observe the symptoms of illness failure to call in a

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transverse colon as previously noted while the sigmoid

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becomes burning hot his breathing rapid his expectoration

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the lower lobeof the right lung also two thirds of the upper

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wound the apparatus would become air bound and would work irregularly.

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Bequests and Donations. Mr. Richard Benyon has given oo

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later treatment should include tonic and hygienic measures having

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render the use of electricity much more extended than heretofore.

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the conflict. As members of a profession which boasts of being liberal

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the greatest power in promoting the absorption of an effusion is the syrup

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affection exists however it is usually aggravated. The elder Hebra in

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the bright florid redness of the parts mark out the inflammatory sore throat

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Niliell James Predictions of Various Crises bv the Pulse 2d Edit. 8vo

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labor it may take several weeks before she has over

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addressed to these authorities in the interest of the

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plained as being due to paralysis of the cilio spinal

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by our Government. A great advance had been made by

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a wave of the prevailing fashion passing somewhat late over

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who hailed from more distant parts and made their home amongst

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doctor to decline to attend a case where the nurse engaged was

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of sworn affidavits bearing county seals and other official

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the nausea which is present in ulcerated conditions of the neck of the

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persons who were taken to the detention apartments after

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been impaired by the ravages of the disease. AVhen the individual lives

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cuneiform resection of the metatarsal bone near its base but in

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P. C a patient with pneomonia. Both the fluoroscope and the autopsy

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Dean was mainly to attempt to preserve the forward impe

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coffs as a member of the State Board of Health in 1940.

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