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dog eye problems

When I suddenly noticed, I was rubbing my eyes somehow, and lots of eyes were coming out … Like humans, pets can suffer from various eye diseases.

The “eye” is a very important organ for small animals to move quickly.

For pets who cannot talk, “eye contact” with their owner is an important communication.

If you get sick, you want to take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

We asked veterinarian Dr. Miyake about pet eye disease and how to prevent it, and tips on eye drops.

What is the nature of the eyes of dogs?

You can say, “Cats work at night,” but are the eyes of dogs different from humans?

Basically it is almost the same, but the eyes of dogs have a “tapetam layer” that humans do not have. It is the part that shines shining when light hits it. It reflects there, so it is easy to see even with little light.

What about vision?

red eye problem
red eye problem

It is said that dogs are not so good compared to humans. The color does not seem to be as vivid as humans.

However, the dynamic visual acuity to find moving prey seems to be very good.

Humans suffer from vision problems due to lifestyle, aging, and cataracts.

What about dogs ?

Diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma are also found in dogs.

Humans are tired of eyes and hard to focus when looking at a computer or fine characters for a long time, but dogs do not act like that, so it is difficult to judge the loss of vision due to lifestyle habits It is … is not it.

When do you notice your pet’s vision loss?

vision loss
vision loss

Your eyesight may be diminished if you lose your line of sight, if you are a dog and you don’t like walking at night, or if you suddenly stumble.

Also, if you can’t see your eyes, you might be afraid of touching your body suddenly. If you feel surprised or angry when you are touching as usual, your vision may be diminished.

You can check whether your eyes are visible at a veterinary hospital, or at home, you can drop a light, non-sounding material, such as cotton, near your face and check if you follow it with your eyes. I can do it.

What causes pet eyes to hurt?

What are the most common eye diseases in dogs ?

The main cause is “trauma” such as bumping or scratching. If the cornea is damaged, it may make it difficult to open your eyes, or you may have excessive eyes and tears.

It may also be caused by “ectopic eyelashes” that cause eyelashes to hit the cornea. In that case, you need to remove it regularly.

What causes your pet eyes to hurt?

If you rub your pet eyes and hurt them with your pet nails, or if you are raising multiple heads, you will often be hurt.

It may also be caused by the “ectopic eyelashes” mentioned earlier or long hair around the eyes.

Dogs with short noses, such as pugs and chihuahuas do not have much difference in height between eyes and nose. There is.

Are there any measures you can take at home to keep your pet eyes intact?

Cut your pet nails short and cut if you are concerned about the hair around your pet eyes.

If your eyesight is low, change your room, change your furniture position, etc., so you will often get hit, so try not to change your environment as much as possible like agen bola.

How do you notice eye disease?

Is the “tears” that brown the hair around your eyes a sign of illness?

“Teardrops” are very worrisome because they turn reddish brown in the case of whitish hair, but there is no problem as long as the area under the eyes is slightly wet.

However, if there are too many tears, it may be an eye disease or a problem with the nasolacrimal duct (the duct through which tears pass through the nose).

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Is the condition that the eyes are getting out to a certain extent normal?

I don’t need to worry if it’s just a little bit on my head, but if yellow, green, or grayish eyes appear, it may be an infection.

Abandoned dogs and stray dogs sometimes have their eyes open due to their eyes.

The dog eyes open about 10 days after birth, but at that time, the eyes may not open properly for some reason, or you may be infected with a virus that causes the common cold symptoms of stray dogs.

If you treat with chitin, your pet eyes may open sharply, so you need to have an early visit.

Do you have a lot of consultation about eye diseases?

There are a lot of consultations saying “I go out and go home and I’m narrowing my eyes, I’m shobbing, I’m congested.” There is probably some kind of injury, so go to the animal hospital as soon as possible.

If you can’t go to the hospital right away, you may want to add an Elizabeth collar to avoid irritation by rubbing eyes.

Tips on eye drops for Loved pets

How do you treat your pet’s eyes?

Depending on the disease, eye drops (eye drops) are often used in the same way as people.

Many animals dislike eye drops. What are some tips for applying drops well?

As you approach from the front of your face, you can be afraid.

If I can’t apply at home, can I go to a veterinary hospital?

Of course, there is no problem even if you visit for instillation. If the symptom is severe, it may be necessary to instill 4 to 5 times a day, so it may be treated at the hospital or hospitalized during the day.

Do you have any concerns about your pet’s eye health?

If you feel that something is strange, such as rubbing your eyes all the time, trying to keep your eyes open, or having symptoms such as eye stains or hyperemia, go to the animal hospital immediately.

Eye disease may progress quickly, so early treatment is essential play poker online.

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